Luxembourg, 30 September 2019

Vivion's H1 2019 results

Vivion Investments S.á r.l. (the “Company”) announces its results for the first half of 2019, demonstrating a strong development of GAV, achieved by continuous acquisition activities and stable operational results of its portfolio.

Highlights H1 2019

  • 32.6% increase in GAV to EUR 2,863 million (EUR 2,159 million as of 31 December 2018)
  • Completed acquisition of 26 hotels in the UK
  • Completed acquisitions of 4 office properties and disposed of 1 mixed use property in Germany
  • German portfolio continues to generate stable income with relatively low vacancy
  • UK hotel operation revenues and sales stable with no material change across the total UK portfolio
  • Substantial pipeline in place for new acquisitions

Highlights – Events after the reporting period

  • Corporate Reorganisation to dispose Hotel Operations in the UK completed
  • Inaugural EUR 700 million issuance of the Notes in August 2019. Proceeds released from Escrow in August 2019 and used to repay EUR 430 million secured bank loans and complete two of its three ongoing acquisitions in Germany
  • Overfund for general corporate purposes remains on balance sheet and expected to support acquisition pipeline and drive future growth
  • Rating of “BB+” for the Notes and corporate rating of “BB” with a stable outlook assigned by S+P

The condensed consolidated interim financial statements for H1 2019 together with a report on the results of operations and financial condition are available on the Company’s website:

Contact for more Information

Daan Bras – Investor Relations T
T +31 652 0900 26

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