Vivion’s sustainability strategy incorporates the ESG aspects of our operations. As such, our sustainability strategy sets out material ESG issues that matter the most to the Group and its key stakeholders. The objective of our strategy is to affirm our commitment to achieving long-term sustainable outcomes through our real estate assets, across our supply chain and in the communities we operate.

To help future-proof investments in line with ESG megatrends, Vivion is in the process of developing an ESG strategy that is:

Integrated: To address and monitor issues across the investment lifecycle, from agreeing investment strategies to asset disposal.

Dynamic: Adaptive and agile to keep ahead of ever-changing stakeholder expectations and ensure resilience across a portfolio.

Financially aligned: Enabling our asset managers to factor the cost of ESG mitigation measures into valuations and forecast environmental performance as they do financial performance.

Generally, we divide our stakeholders into five groups: shareholders & investors, employees, tenants, business partners and local communities. As a company, we assume a proactive approach for identifying and addressing the needs and expectations of our stakeholders in order to foster long-term and impactful relationships focusing on advocacy, inspiration and business excellence.

Our sustainability reporting coves the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) activities of Vivion, headquartered in Luxembourg, for 2022. This report is intended to help investors and other stakeholders form a view about our ESG credentials. It covers all activities of the company. Vivion publishes this annual ESG Report referencing Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard and aiming to comply with EPRAs BPR guidelines.

ESG Report 2022