At Vivion, we invest in office and hotel real estate assets in two of Europe’s strongest economies – Germany and the United Kingdom – in top-tier cities and metropolitan areas. Our portfolio generates stable rental income from a wide range of blue-chip tenants. We unlock value through our asset management activities which further enhances income streams and capital values.

This ‘manage to core’ strategy delivers strong cash flows and long-term sustainable returns for our investors. Longevity of income is assured with substantial average unexpired lease terms across the portfolio and a strong, well-diversified tenant base.

Directors and Management Team

Advisory Board

Vivion’s Advisory Board provides expert advice and assistance to our Board of Managers. The Advisory Board’s composition, tasks and term are determined by the Board of Managers which is also responsible for appointments and dismissals of its members. Whilst the Advisory Board does not have decision-making powers, it serves as an important source of guidance for the Board of Managers when making strategic decisions for the Group. The Advisory Board’s roles and responsibilities include;

  • Stringent risk management
  • Accounting and valuation oversight
  • Establishment of corporate and social responsibility standards

Amir Dayan

Amir Dayan has over a decade of experience in the European real estate sector, mainly focused on Germany. Mr Dayan has a track record of creating high-quality and fast-growing portfolios that deliver attractive returns to investors using modest leverage. Mr Dayan has established a network of contacts and associations that span the breadth of the property and finance markets in Germany and wider Europe.

Kenneth Costa

Mr. Costa has been in investment banking for 40 years, serving as chairman of Europe, the Middle East and Africa for UBS Investment Bank and vice chairman of the group’s investment banking business globally. Previously, he was chairman of Lazard International, during which time he worked in mergers and acquisitions, advising global corporations on their international strategies. Currently, Mr. Costa is co chairman of Alvarium Investments, a global wealth management company.

Beatrice Ruskol

Prior to joining the Company’s Advisory Board, Ms Ruskol has held various senior roles within Vivion’s Shareholder Group since 2010. Beatrice oversees the Group’s finance operations, including financial control and budgeting. One of the longest-standing members of the Shareholder Group, Ms Ruskol also oversees departments such as legal, human resources, business administration and investor relations. Before joining the Shareholder Group, Ms Ruskol worked in the aviation industry for 10 years as a senior financial controller. Ms Ruskol holds a BA in Economics and Business administration.

Board of Managers

Vivion’s Board of Managers has the highest regard for corporate governance. Our corporate governance practices are designed to engender a culture of enduring and uncompromising integrity. The Board of Managers, comprises four members who each have extensive industry experience and knowledge, resolves matters on the basis of a simple majority in accordance with the Company’s articles of incorporation.

Our Board of Managers has a ‘checks-and-balances’ approach and conducts regular self-evaluation to ensure that it fulfils its remit effectively and complies with the corporate governance procedures that Vivion has implemented.

Senior management

Our Senior Management team is a multi-disciplinary group of highly experienced, seasoned professionals who each have prior experience in some of the top corporate names in real estate, finance or hospitality. Each is an expert in their field and has joined Vivion because of one central shared goal: the pursuit of excellence on behalf of our Shareholders.